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>> Switch Panorama

is a new approach to medium format slide photography resulting in unique 15x6 cm Panels that deserve a close look to explain themselfes. The pictures of this gallery were shot in Eastern Tyrolia on a 25yo Roll of AGFA RSX 200 with unpredictable results!

>> Tisa in Infrared

Following last years pursuit to combine nude climbing with infrared photography I went to Tisa to use advanced infrared techniques to take photographs with beautiful Miluna in the geat landscape of northern Bohemia around the village of Tisa.

I live in Dresden/Germany and pursue photography already for some years. Sometimes more sometimes less. For indoor work i share a studio/concept space in Dresden-Friedrichstadt. Enjoy the galleries on this page. Some older ones still come in Flash... sorry iOS folks! Please feel free to visit my other web outlets:
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Georg Knobloch
Louisenstr. 74
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